Fall 2012 releases

Harrison Bankhead: Velvet Blue. A great record with musicians paid via kickstarter.
William Hooker: Heart of the Sun. Roy Campbell's last recorded performance. R.I.P. Roy.
Brian Settles: Folk. An intimate trio record and Brian's second for Engine.
James Ilgenfritz & The Curators: Thank You. A punky fresh debut.
Warren Smith: Natural/Cultural Forces. A tour de force remixed/remastered.
The Dogon Duo. A classic free jazz drums/sax record led by Andrew Lamb.


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Kidd Jordan drops another bucket of his patented free jazz/fire blues for those who dig prefer their free jazz to have some free in it.


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Triptet's second record is a dark combination of musique concrete, electronic manipulation, and improvisation. A truly unique musical outing.


God, I finally got this great record mixed and mastered correctly. Recorded three weeks after Hurrican Katrina hit New Orleans this record embodies the frustration and indignation felt by many.

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