New Orleans Suite

e019, street date August 24, 2010

Musicians: Titles:
Andrew Lamb: Tenor sax, Dyes and Lyes
Tom Abbs: Bass, cello, Katrina's Path
   didgeridoo, percussion Rescue Me
Warren Smith: Drums, Back Water
   percussion, voice Song of the Miracle Lives
  Aftermath Healing

Katrina's Path (13:59)



All three are putting in remarkable performances, but Lamb is leading the way with an intense temperament.
-- Victor Aron, Something Else!


As in the expressively intense "Rescue Me," the horns sing of the displaced and disenfranchised, weakened by the unavoidable tragedy which Katrina bore. -- Lynn Horton, Jazz Times


This album is almost entirely the opposite : a cheap production, with a musical and emotional authenticity that is as rich as it gets.  -- FreeJazz Stef


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